DJ Set at LHG


Sat 14 Aug 6:10PM to 10:00PM
LHG Taproom | Wadehurst Industrial Park, Unit 3 St Philips Rd, Bristol BS2 0JE

Left Handed Giant's Tappy will be swelling out their already great cider selection for Cider Salon weekend. Expect an impressive big bottle display in the fridge and their own Pilton collaboration Theme Park, on tap.

And just for this weekend, they will have two unusual ciders in bag-in-box, from Sandford Orchards. An on-leaf fermented Yarlington Mill & Dabinett and a barrel-fermented Sweet Alford & Brown Snout. Limited quantities.

There will be a DJ on the sound system and Mission Pizza on the menu. Only three minutes walk from the Salon.

Book in advance or there is some uncovered space available for walk-ups.

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