Smokey Plum Trilogy MOVED

vertical tasting

18:00 onwards
Wild Beer Bar | 6-8 Gaol Ferry Steps, Bristol BS1 6WE

Moved due to covid staff shortages.
Unfortunately Wild Beer are no longer able to accommodate this event so there will be bottles of Smokey Plum at the bottle share and the keg will be kept for another time ..

As a Cider Salon special, Wild Beer will host a vertical tasting of all three editions of Smokey Plum, Pilton's plum wine with cider, first made in 2018 in their smokey beer barrels.

They will have one 20 litre keg of Smokey Plum 2018 on tap, plus the last few remaining bottles from 2019 plus the latest, not-yet revealed 2020 edition.

Very limited stock.

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