Indie Producer Showcase

producer showcase

Wednesday 11th 7pm-11pm
Beard & Sabre Taphouse | 22 Denmark St, BS1 5DQ

Join us at the Hopped Cider Taphouse from 7pm to 11pm on Wednesday the 11th and relax listening to live vibes from I-Sha-Vii whilst the UK's craftiest producers reveal their cidery secrets.

With us we will have Angelo Ferrari from Laycock Cider, who learnt his trade from cider with Rosie Rosie. Ryan Cox from The Cider Syndicate, a blender mixing traditional style into his sweeter-than-usual blends. Luke McCoy and Kimberly Jones from Luke's and Honey's respectively, both Bath region cidermakers with bipolar styles. Lisa Letchford from Letchford's cider, exclusively championing the 750ml format.

On display will be a selection of ciders from all across the U.K, most of which you may not have heard of before - including Dropzone Breweries GREEN ON GO and Broadway Press' - painstakingly made Ice Cyder.

Presentations, tastings and meet & greets will be between amazing sets of original music by I-Sha-Vii - with country, blues and jazz covers thrown into the mix.

Part 1 -
7pm: Doors open, museum style cider-walkaround
8pm-8:15: Laycock Cider, Angelo Ferrari
8:15-8:30: Luke's Cider, Luke McCoy
8:30-8:45: Letchford's Cider, Lisa Letchford
8:45-9:15: I-Sha-Vii

Part 2 -
9:15-930: Honey's Cider, Kimberly Jones
9:30-9:45: Cider Syndicate, Ryan Cox
9:45-10:00: Beard & Sabre, Tom & Angus
10:00-10:30: I-Sha-Vii
10:30-11:00: Chat to the producers
11:00: Event end.

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